Coastal Neurosurgery


Rehabilitation is an essential part of your full recovery.

Physical therapy is an important element of regaining mobility and function post-surgery. A physical therapist is trained to carry out your surgeon's orders to stretch, strengthen, and exercise.

It is important that physical therapy is coupled with education, so that patients can be empowered to take charge of their own recovery.

Physical and rehabilitation professionals are trained to give instruction on posture, educate patients about basic anatomy and physiology, and instruct patients in body mechanics, stretching, strengthening and conditioning exercises.

Our team of experienced experts offer the highest standard of post-surgical care and rehabilitation services.

Coastal Neurosurgery

We are a multidisciplinary clinic with a dedicated focus on Brain, Spine and Pain. Our integrated team of sub-specialists strive to offer patients a collaborative, innovative and convenient service when undergoing large-scale surgery, such as procedures involving the brain and spine.


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