Coastal Neurosurgery

Information for GPs

Coastal Neurosurgery's mission is to offer coastal and regional patients a local service with leading surgical outcomes.

Why choose us? A focus on surgical outcomes and the restoration of quality of life.  Coastal Neurosurgery's core mission is to offer coastal and regional patients, and their referring GPs, the leading service.

  • A multidisciplinary approach to the diagnosis, treatment and management of conditions relating to the brain, spine and management of chronic pain
  • Easy access for patients and their family, being located outside of Sydney at a major tertiary hospital
  • Appointments available for private, WorkCover, Defence and international patients
  • Priority referral services
  • Clear and timely communications with the treating doctor and other related practitioners
  • Convenient access to multiple medical professionals at one location

Form Downloads

Pre Operative Consulation Forms

pre-op instructions (pdf 76.4KB)
consent lumbar fsion (pdf 67.02KB)

Post Operative Information

post op craniotomy (pdf 109.46KB)

General Information

the spinal column (pdf 215.58KB)

Coastal Neurosurgery

We are a multidisciplinary clinic with a dedicated focus on Brain, Spine and Pain. Our integrated team of sub-specialists strive to offer patients a collaborative, innovative and convenient service when undergoing large-scale surgery, such as procedures involving the brain and spine.


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Level 1, Suite 14-15
12 Jarrett Street