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Spinal Surgery

Information on a range of spinal conditions and surgical treatments.

Spinal surgery might be an option if conservative treatments have failed and your condition has not improved.

Spinal surgery seeks to relieve associated problems emanating from conditions of the spinal column, such as pain, numbness, immobility or scoliosis. Symptoms are often caused by compressed nerves in your spinal column. Nerves may become compressed for a variety of reasons, including:

Disc herniation, Disc degeneration, Stenosis, Radiculopathy, Compression, Overgrowth of bone, Spondylolysis/Spondylolisthesis, Cervical myelopathy, Genetics, Fracture, Osteoporosis, Scoliosis, Previous surgery (needing revision)

The surgeons at Coastal Neurosurgery have considerable experience in performing the latest minimally invasive surgical techniques in spinal surgery, which seek to reduce pain and recovery time from surgery.


Coastal Neurosurgery

We are a multidisciplinary clinic with a dedicated focus on Brain, Spine and Pain. Our integrated team of sub-specialists strive to offer patients a collaborative, innovative and convenient service when undergoing large-scale surgery, such as procedures involving the brain and spine.


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